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Registration is open! Ladybug classes will operate in person from our Neutral Bay and Mosman venues

Ladybug Music classes are mixed age, and are perfect for babies, toddlers & preschoolers.

10 week Autumn Session (term 2) NOW OPEN!

Dates: Tuesday 30th April – Thursday 4th July

– 10 classes, 40-45 minutes each  

– Full access to our new Ladybug Music app, including our award-winning music and beautiful illustrations of our new Ladybug Music World, and more ! (for use at home or in the car to reinforce classroom learning)

$265 first child

($26.50 per class incl. materials fee)

$150 sibling

($15 per class)

All prices inclusive of 10% GST


What to expect in a Ladybug Music class…

Ladybug Music offers a research-based, mixed age (infant – four years) class that exposes families to the richness of musical styles which reflect the wonderfully eclectic music of our time and culture.

In a fun and informal setting we sing, play percussive instruments, dance, chant, do finger plays, listen, get very silly, sing lullabies and so much more. Together we explore sounds, words, pitch, tempo, melody, tone, meter, rhythm, dynamics, beat, movement and dance, all in a non-performance environment where every child and parent is able to experience their style of learning with no expectations – just play!

Class Activities:

  • Singing
  • Rhythmic chants
  • Creative movement (from small finger-plays to large motor movement activities and dancing)
  • Instrument play (The play-along jam session is a lot of fun!)

Why Ladybug Music®?

Jamming with your babies, toddlers, & preschoolers may trump reading! Did you know, playing music with babies & toddlers could benefit their development even more than shared reading? According to a recent study, “Children who experience more frequent parent-child music activity show stronger vocabulary and numeracy skills, more prosocial skills and stronger abilities to regulate their own attention and emotion. ” Read more here.


These days everything is moving fast, but one thing has remained the same – how your child’s brain develops – it still takes time and can’t be rushed! A one-time experience is not enough for neural connections to form and stabilize and at Ladybug Music we understand and believe in the power of repetition and routine.

Our fun 10-week program not only nurtures your child’s basic music skills but it’s also designed for optimal early childhood development. Weaved into Ladybug Music’s multisensory curriculum are activities developed specifically for building and strengthening:

  • Body & Brain Connections
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Social-Emotional understanding
  • Language & Reasoning Skills

In class we…

  • Learn to keep time with drums, shakers, and sticks
  • Improve fine motor skills with small movement songs
  • Increase body-awareness with fun dances
  • Sing songs that teach us new words
  • PLUS fun instrument jams, parachutes, bungees, scarves and more!

We’ve been voted “Best of LA” by RedTri, LA Magazine & Nickelodeon and our high-quality original music is recommended by the American Library Association and Parent’s Choice Awards.

Since 2009, Ladybug Music has grown into an amazing community of warm, friendly families that LOVE music as much as we do! Join us today for a fun and easy way to learn music with your little ones!